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New Oral Technologies At Creekside
22nd Mar


New Oral Technologies At Creekside

Creekside Dental Clinic has recently acquired VELscopeVX (trademark) Technology. VELscopeVX provides the most powerful technology available for assisting in the discovery of oral mucosa abnormalities. VELscopeVX plays a key role in the early discovery of such abnormalities, which can be critically important in the fight against oral cancer. Our fee for the VELscopeVX Screening is only $35.00.

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Creekside Dental Clinic has also recently integrated the state-of-the-art software INVIVO5 by ANATOMAGE into our Dental Implant services lineup. This software enables us to fabricate custom surgical guides, allowing us to place implants in the most desirable position for the best results. It essentially means very precise, Fully Guided Surgery for our Dental Implant patients so if you’re going to be receiving our Dental Implant services be sure to ask about the INVIVO5 by ANATOMAGE software and Fully Guided Surgery for Dental Implant Placement.

More About INVIVO5 Fully Guided Surgery for Dental Implant Placement
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